The analysis of your data for you to take strategic decisions
then detailed operational ones

Close to your needs, flexible in the management of
the project, reliable in the method

Software solutions to increase efficiency and accuracy of
the company's financial processes

Able to understand the business concerns, strong
availability for our customers

The best of hosting, hardware and software

A vision and an extensive offer because a "solution"
can only be global for a client

Synchrotech is a Swiss company founded in 1998. Specializing in consulting and business performance measurement, Synchrotech deploys its activities in the strategic support, business expertise, definition and implementation of indicators, assistance in the choice and implementation of IT solutions.


  • Skills
  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • Proximity



Conference of Mr. Gilles Fiorio


Video in English of the presentation of Mr. Gilles Fiorio.